This product made my health journey FUN. It made my goals feel closer and my daily routine became something I loved to do. I woke up feeling more energized and eventually didn't need to take Proenzi as religiously anymore. I would usually take 1-2 every morning, but then I started to feel more naturally energized, sometimes I take one throughout the day if I feel I need it but this product has helped me in my weight loss journey more than anything else. unlike other supplements that help with weight loss, this all-natural product has helped me thrive. I felt the need to write a review because I already recommend this products to all my peers that have any weight loss goals and they've loved it so I wanted to give my feedback!

John S.

I am truly thankful for the personal touch! The item I ordered was on back order for a few months. When I open my package I was surprised to find a hand written note from the president of the company along with a complementary candle and a voucher to saving money on future purchases!!

Thank you so much

Lou-Anne P.

This product is everything I needed and more... During COVID it was especially tough to keep my energy up with the stay at home orders, winter weather, and working on my computer all day, I hardly had the energy to do anything when my day of work was done. This product helped me get back into my routine and gave me the energy I needed to start eating healthier, planning my days out better and overall be a happier person in my day-to-day life. I love this product, I take one almost everyday, and two when I feel I need an extra boost that day.

Rachel N

Great product for clearing sinus congestion. Amazing customer service including a hand written note, very special touch!

Ruth P.